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On the Flag Listing Settings page you can create the list of Flag Reasons which users will be able to select from when flagging a listing.
Also you can specify the listing types each flag reason will be available for.

To set Flag Listing Settings go to Admin Panel > System Configuration > Flag Listing Settings page.

On the top of the page you will see the "Add a New Flag" form:

Use this form to create new Flags.
Enter the reason to the "Flag Reason" field, for example 'Spam'

Check the boxes of the listing types this flag will be available for, for example both:

And then press the "Add Value" button to add a new flag to the system.

The new flag will be added to the system and will appear in the table below on the same page:

Edit Flag

To edit one of the existing Flags you need to click on the "Edit" icon opposite this Flag in the table.
There will be the "Edit Flag" table opened:

Using this form you can edit the "Flag Reason" value and Listing Types selection.

Then press the "Update Value" button. The changes you made will be saved and you will be redirected back to the Flag Listing Settings page.

Delete Flag

If there are any needless flags you can remove them from the system clicking on the red "Delete" icon opposite the particular Flag in the table.

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