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Facebook Connect feature allows users easily register/log in to your job board site using their accounts on Facebook, auto fill and synchronize their resume, and 'like' particular jobs/resumes posted on the job board.

Note: Facebook Plug-in is not included in the standard software package
and provided as an add-on for an additional cost. For more information, click here.

Register / log in using Facebook account

With this feature the registration process becomes quick and simple for users, since they are required to enter data only to a few required fields, instead of filling in whole registration form. All other fields will be prefilled from FaceBook profile.

To register on the job board using their Facebook profile users need to click on the "Facebook" icon on the top of any front-end page:


or click on the same icon on the registration page after choosing a desired user group:


There will be the following login form opened where users need to enter login details of their account on Facebook:


Users will be requested to give permission for a new application to access you account on facebook, this action is done only once:


They need to press the "Allow" button at the bottom of the page:


Then users will be redirected back to the job board to complete the registration.


After that the system will send a new account registration notification to a user's email with a username and generated password which users can further use to log in to the job board.

Or users can log in using the "facebook connect" icon at the top of the job board pages or on the Sign In page:


Resume Auto filling and Synchronizing

When Job Seekers use Facebook connect option they have an opportunity to use the 'auto-fill resume' function when posting their Resumes on the job board.
To do that they need to click on the "Auto-fill resume from my facebook profile" link on the Post Resumes page:


Then fields on the Post Resume page on the job board will be automatically filled with data from their profile on Facebook.

Note: if Resume posting on your job board is divided into several pages, users will need to click on the "auto-fill resume" link on each page in order to have fields of all pages filled with data from facebook profile.

Besides that job seekers can enable "synchronize resume" option checking the box on the Post Resume page. Then the system will periodically check facebook profile data and if needed update resume on the job board.


"Like" jobs/resumes

Users can mark particular jobs/resumes on the job board as ones they like using the "Like" icon at the bottom of the job/resume details page:


This information will be immediatelly posted on their wall on facebook:


Note: the description of the Facebook Plugin settings you can find here.
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