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Installation and setup:


In order to install Facebook Recruitment Application you need to unpack the archive file with plugin to the root folder of installed SmartJobBoard software.


Once this is done you need to do additional setting up:

In order to set up SmartJobBoard Facebook Recruitment Application you need to have a Facebook page created under your Facebook account. For more information on Facebook pages please check here:

If you do not have a Facebook page you need to create it first:

For more detailed instructions on how to create a Facebook page please refer to these links:


Once you have your Facebook page created go to Admin Panel > System Configuration > Plugins > FacebookApplicationPlugin > Settings:


You will reach the following page with settings of Facebook Recruitment Application plugin:


On this page you can check the list of Facebook pages where you have already installed the application.

You can also upload your own logo and header image to personalize your page.

Once you are ready to proceed click on “Install Application on Facebook page” button and you will be redirected on Facebook to authorize your account:



After successful authorization on Facebook you will be asked to select a Facebook page to add SmartJobBoard Facebook app to:


Please select a page you want to install the application to and click “Add Page Tab”.

After this the application will be automatically installed on your Facebook page and appear in your tabs:


Click on the application tab on your page and you will get to your SmartJobBoard Facebook application page:



The system will automatically connect your Facebook app with your job board database and all your jobs will be available for Facebook users to search and apply for.



How to change welcome message


You can change the text of welcome message appearing on Facebook:


In order to change the welcome message please proceed to: Admin Panel > Static Content:


Select "Facebook Application Welcome" and click Edit. After this you will be redirected to the page where you can change the text:





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