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By default the standard list of all countries in alphabetical order is provided within the software.

Clicking on the “Edit Countries List” Quick Link will redirect you to the page with the list of countries used in the system for listings (Job and Resume).

You can edit the values of this list, change the order they will be displayed for users, delete needless ones and add new values to the Countries list if needed.

There are two more separate Countries lists in the system independent of each other.
Those lists are used for the User Groups (Employers and Job Seekers) - on the User Registration page and
User profile page. More about editing these Countries lists you can read in the "User Groups" section of the Manual.

Adding a New List Value

To add a new value to the Counties list you need to enter its name to the “Value” field and press the “Add” button.


The new value will appear in the end of the Countries list.

If you need to add more than one value at once you can use the “Add multiple values” function. For that you need to press the “Add multiple values” button and enter the new values like shown on the picture below


Then press the "Add" button and all the new values will be added to the Countries list.

Editing List Values

To change a value of a certain item of the list you need to click on the "Edit" icon opposite this particular item (e.g. "United States")


You will see the Edit List Item form opened:

Edit the desired value to the "Value" field and press the “Save” button. Remember that you can not leave the field empty.

After you clicked on the “Save” button you will be redirected back to the Edit Countries List page.

To change the order of the Countries List items you can click on the green pointer (to move up) or red pointer (to move down) opposite the particular item, or just drag an item to the needed place in the list. You can move only one item at once.
After you finished making changes in the Countries list order, be sure to press the "Save Order" button to save the changes.

Deleting List Values

To delete one list item you can click on the “Delete” icon opposite this particular item.

To delete several items from the Countries list at once you need to check the boxes in front of these items and then press the “Delete” button.

To delete all items at once you need to check the 'List Values' box on the top of the Countries list table and then press the “Delete” button.

The same way, to uncheck all boxes - you need to click on the List Values box again.

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