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Clicking on the “Edit CSS file” quick link will redirect you to the page where you can edit the design.css file. This file contains the general design styles of front-end (design, pictures, fonts, colors, links, layout, etc)

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets.For more information about 'CSS' see the

On the top of the opened page you will see the locations of the file(s) you’re going to edit:

Under that you can see the wide text area containing the code you can edit:

For example, to change the font color for the secondary pages Titles (such as Find Jobs, Jobs Search Results, Add a new listing, etc) you need to find the following part of the code:


margin-top: 0px;
margin-bottom: 0px;
color: #296289;_- _here you can set the needed color of the Titles*'


*After you finished editing the code, make sure to press the “Save” button to submit the changes. *

You can find more instructions and examples for basic design customizations in the "Tutorial" section of this Manual.

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