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Fields of the ‘Date’ type are used to allow users to specify dates, e.g. Graduation Date, Project Start/End Date and etc.

On the front-end, when users posting a listing, ‘date’ type field is displayed as an input box with a calendar icon.
To specify a date users need to click on the calendar icon and select the year, month and date on the opened calendar form:
For example “Project Start Date” field:


On the search forms ‘date’ field is displayed as two input boxes (to set the range):


And on the Display listing page it will be displayed as a date (the format is: YYYY-MM-DD):


To edit a ‘date’ type field in the Admin Panel you need to click on the “Edit” icon opposite this particular field. E.g. to edit the “Graduation Date” field you need to go to Listing Configuration > Listing Types > Resume > Education > Edit fields > Graduation Date > Edit.


There will be the form opened where you can modify the ‘date’ type field parameters:


After you finished editing the field parameters, press the “Save” button. Use the "Apply" button to save changes and remain on the same page. 


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