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Use this page to add/import and manage country list used by users on registration, job/resume search and posting forms.

Adding/Importing New Countries

Click "Add Country" button on top of the opened page to add new countries manually.

  • Country Code - enter appropriate country code.
  • Country Name- enter appropriate country name that will be used on the front end of your site.
  • Check "Active" check box if you would like  new country to be visible in "Location" type of fields  and to be listed under "Countries" field when you add Zip Codes to your ZipCode Database.

For example, let's add a new country called "Poland".

Once the country is added and activated it becomes visible in auto fill form, for example, when users register on your site (job seekers/employers):

When users search listings(jobs/resumes):

When users post listings (jobs/resumes):


When you add zip codes to your ZipCode database:

Alternatively, use "Import Countries" feature to bulk import countries instead of adding them one by one. Import can be done from excel file, where first column contains country code and second one country name.

Managing Countries.

Once countries are added, you can edit, delete, activate/deactivate them or sort them by "Country Code", "Country Name" and "Status".

Use check boxes to select needed countries ( or check upper left check box to select all countries) and click one of the menu items from the actions menu.

  • Activate - make selected country visible in "Location" type of fields as well as in the "Country" field when adding a new zip code.
  • Deactivate - removed selected country from the "Location" type of fields as well as in the "Country" field when adding a new zip code.
  • Delete - completely removes the country from the database of your countries.

Editing Countries/Adding States to Countries

Click "Edit" button to change country code, country name or to manage states/regions connected to certain country.

Click "Manage States/Regions" link to add/edit/manage States/Regions connected to certain Country.


Changing Countries order

If needed you can change the order of the Countries by clicking 'Change Order' button in the upper menu:

After you click this button you will get to the next page where you can drag and drop countries to the places you need:

Do not forget to click 'Save Order' button to save changes.

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