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Please note: Since SmartJobBoard version 4.2 the search by complex fields was abolished because this feature had significant impact on the search engine load.


'Complex' type field can be added several times by user which is usually used for such fields as: Work Experience, Education, Skills and etc.
Complex field can be a single field or a block of fields. Complex field may consist of fields of any types available in the system .

As an example, lets's review the Education complex field (which consists of the following fields:

  • Entrance Date - date type;
  • Gaduation Date - date type;
  • Institution Name - string type;
  • Major - string type;
  • Degree Level - list type;

On the input form the complex field is displaed as block of fields with "Add option to add another block and "Remove" option to delete the any of the added blocks:


To edit a field of ‘complex’ type in the Admin Panel – click on the 'Edit' icon near the field of the 'Complex' type. E.g. to edit the “Education” field you need to go to Listing Configuration -> Listing Types -> Resume -> Education -> “Edit” icon.

On the opened form you can edit the Caption of the field and make it 'Required' if needed:


Note: We recommens you to not edit an ID of an existing field, since it is a system value.
In a case you need to change the name of a field (the way it is displayed for site users) it is enough to modify field's Caption only.

To edit the fields included in a certain complex field you need to click on the "Edit Fields" link located above the "Listing Field Info" form:


On the opened page you will see the fields included in the complex field block:


You can edit any of these fields, add new fields (of any available types), delete needless fields and change the display order using red and green pointers.


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