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Listing fields located in the "Common fields” Admin Panel section are those fields that common for all Listing Types (Job and Resume).

To get to the Common FIelds page you need to go to Admin Panel > Listing Configuration > Common Fields.
You will see the following page opened:

On this page you can add new listing fields common for all listing types and edit the existing ones.

By clicking on the ‘Delete’ icon next to a correspond field you can delete a needless listing field.
To change the order of the items, use the green pointer (to move an item up) and red pointer (to move it down).

Adding a New Listing Field

To add a new Listing Field, click on the ‘Add a New Listing Field’ link. You will see the following form opened:

More information about the Posting pages and instructions to set them you can find in the "Posting Pages" section of the Manual.

For adding a new listing fields you need to set the parameters described below:

  • ID – the unique listing field ID (mandatory parameter). This is the system field and you need to make sure to not use space character.
  • Caption– the listing field name (mandatory parameter), this name will be visible for users;
  • Type – the type of newly created field (more detailed information about field types you can find in the Field Types Reference section- Required - this flag means that the listing field is required to be filled in by users. If you want to make filling in the field optional for users - leave "Required" flag unchecked.
  • Then press the ‘Add’ button to save the new listing field.

The new listing field will be saved and you will be automatically redirected to the “Listing Field Added” page, where you will find this information:

“The field you created will be automatically added to the Job/Resume posting form.

It will be also added to the list of inactive fields of the Form Builder for search and display pages.

If you want this field to display on the search form and listing details page please use Form Builder and drag the new field to the place you need:"


For example you would like the new field to appear on "Job Search" form. Press "Edit" button next to the needed form:

Once the "Edit"  button is pressed a pop up window containing form bulder will open. To add a field - drag and drop it on the form to a place you need



More detailed information about the Form builder can be found in "Form Builder" section of this manual

Editing Listing Field

To edit one of the existing listing fields you need to click on the ‘Edit’ icon next to a correspond field.
You will see the “Edit Listing Field Info” form opened. E.g. to edit the “Title” listing field this form will be the following:

You can see that first 4 values of the opened form are similar to the ones of the “Add New listing" form described earlier.
These values are: “ID”, “Caption”, “Type” and “Required”. You can edit them all except the "Type” value.

Once a new Listing Field created and saved, the “Type” value of this field can’t be changed,because it is a functional system value. If you want to change the "Type" of a certain listing field you will need to delete this Listing field from the system and create the new one with the desired “Type” value.


Besides those fields “Edit Listing Field Info” form contains additional values to edit. These values may be not the same for different Listing Fields; depending on the “Type” of a Listing Field and its functionality.

For more information about Field Types read the Field Types Reference  section of the Manual.

E.g. for “Title” Listing field (which is of “String” type) you can edit the following parameters:

"Use Autocomplete" check this box if you want users to be able to see a list of possible words or phrases that a user wants to type in this particular field without actually typing it in completely.


Autocomplete feature is available for 'string' type fields, e.g. when users enter a certain value in the 'City' field*
It will work the following way:

also information about 'Autocomplete' feature settings can be found here


  • Maximum Length– the quantity of symbols users can use for Job or Resume Title. By default it is set to 256 symbols. You can set your own value if needed.*
    Default Value*– You can fill in this field with a value to be used by default. It will be automatically set by the system to be default for this field.
    Also you can see the “Use user profile field as a default value” box. If you check this box you will see the following drop-down list:*
  • This drop-down list displays the user profile fields. And you can select one of them to be set as a default value for the “Title” Listing Field (as we’re reviewing this example). In this case the value of the selected profile field will be used as a default value for the listing filed.

Users are able to change the default values you set if they need.*

*To the*Infill Instructions''' text box you can enter any instructions/recomendations for users to fill in this field.

After you edited all values the way you need, press the “Save” button to save the changes done for the Listing Field.

Below you can see the example of a User Profile field set as a default value.
For example we want to set a User Profile field “Company Name” to be a default value for the 'Title' field. To do that we checked the box and selected user profile field as shown on the picture below:


And for a User (e.g. Employer) it will work the following way:
When this User opens the Post Job page the value of his “Company Name” Profile field will be set as the default value for the “Title” field.




The same way you can set the needed default values for other Listing Fields if needed. 


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