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Breadcrumbs function

This feature allows you creating breadcrumbs for front-end to be used for navigation lines. Thus you can make work with the site more convenient for your users.

Here is an example of the way it works.
E.g. a user signed in (and automatically got to My Account page) and then he clicked on the My Jobs menu item:

If then this user wants to edit one of his listings this page will be also added to the navigation line:

Thus this user if needed can easily get to one of the previous pages he worked with.

Breadcrumbs Configuration

To get to BreadCrumbs page you need to go to Admin Panel > System Configuration > BreadCrumbs. On the opened page you will see all available breadcrumbs:

As you can see pages are located on different levels. And this is way there way a navigation line a user could use in the example above:

‘My Postings’ was added as a child of ‘My Account’ and ‘Edit Listing’ was added as a child of ‘My Postings’.

Adding Child Item

If you want to add a child of one of the items (e.g. ‘Edit Listing’) you need to click on the “Add Child” link opposite this item in the BreadCrumbs table. On the opened page you will see the following form:

There you need to enter the desired Name and specify the URL for the creating child item.


You don’t have to specify the site domain name in the “URL” field when creating a new child item.
It will be enough to only indicate the page of the site enclosing it with slash symbols (e.g. /my_account/)
If there are any subdirectories you need to specify them as well (e.g. /system/classifieds/manage_pictures/)


After that - press the “Add Element” button. The new child item will appear in the BreadCrumbs table on the appropriate position (e.g. we named the new child item “Test”):

Thus you can add child items to any site pages according to the way you want it to work.


Homepage is represented with the ‘/’ symbol (slash) on the top of the BreadCrumbs table.

By default Homepage has only one child item in the BreadCrumbs table – it is ‘My Account’.

But if needed you can add more child items to the homepage.

Editing Items

To edit any of the BreadCrumbs table items you need to click on the “Edit” icon opposite this particular item. For example you want to edit ‘My Postings’. There will be the following form displayed on the opened page:

You can edit the Name and/or URL values the way you need. And then press the “Update Element” button to submit the changes.

Deleting Items

You can delete any of the BreadCrumbs table items if needed (except the homepage item ‘/’).
For that you need to click on the “Delete” icon opposite an item in the table. This particular item will be deleted.


If an Item you’re deleting has any child items – they will be deleted as well.

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