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‘Boolean’ type is used for fields which can take on 'yes' or 'no' value. By default fields of this type are displayed as check boxes on the input and search forms.
For example Driving License availability:


On the display form fields of this type are displayed as a field name if selected and null value if not selected.


To edit a ‘boolean’ type field in the Admin Panel you need to click on the Edit icon opposite this particular field. E.g. to edit Driving License field you need to go to Listing Configuration > Listing Types > Resume > Driving License > "Edit" icon.

There will be the form opened where you can modify the ‘boolean’ type field parameters and select/set the default value for this particular field.
For example edit “Driving License” field:


After you finished editing the field parameters, press the “Save” button. Use the "Apply" button to remain on the same page.



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