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SmartJobBoard software includes Banners system you can use to place banners on your web-site.

To get to Banners page you need to go to Admin Panel > Templates > Banners.
On the opened page you will see the Banners Groups table:

Adding a New Banner Group

Click on the “Add new group” link on the top of the page to create a new Banners Group.
On the opened page you will see the following form to fill in:

Enter the desired ID for the new Banners Group and then press the “Add” button.

You will be redirected back to the Banners page and the newly created Banners Group will appear in the table on that page.

Deleting Banners Group

To delete a needless Banners Group you need to press the “Delete” button opposite this Group in the table, e.g. "Side Banners":

The Banners Group will be immediately deleted from the system and can’t be restored.

Editing Banners Group

Each Banner Group may contain one or more banners. To review these banners or edit a Banner Group you need to click on the “Edit” icon opposite this particular Group. For example you want to edit the ‘Bottom Banners’ Group.
On the top of the opened page you will see the “Edit Banner Group” form where you can change the Group ID:

Group ID - Enter the needed Group ID;

Number of Banners to Display at Once - specify how many banners of this group should be displayed on the front-end at once;

Under this form you can see the Template instructions you need to follow to insert this Banner Group to the needed template:

And then under the ‘Template Instructions’ you can see the “Banners” section displaying the banners of the Banners Group you’re editing:

ID – the system value which is automatically set for each banner;

Status – when the status is ‘Active’ this particular banner will be displayed on the site. And if status is ‘Not Active’ – the banner will not be displayed on the front-end;

Title – the title of a banner. It will be used as a screen tip on the front-end when mouse cursor is over this banner;

Link – the URL a user will be redirected if clicks on a banner. This URL will be opened in a new browser tab;

Actions – (Edit/Delete) the available actions you can make to the banners of the Group.


Clicking on any underlined details of a banner in the Banners table will redirect you to the Edit Banner page.

Impressions – the number of times this banner was displayed;

Clicks – displays the number of times users have clicked on this banner;

CTR - clickthrough rate. The ratio of Clicks to Impressions.

To Activate or Deactivate certain banner of a Group you need to select this banner first checking a box in front of it and then press the Activate or Deactiave button above and under the table.

Editing a Banner

To edit a banner you can click on the “Edit” icon opposite this banner in the table.
On the opened page you will see the “Edit Banner” form:

There you can edit banner details and parameters as well as upload another banner file instead of the current one. Press the “Browse” button to indicate a file to be uploaded for this banner.
Also you can insert banner code - for that select the "Insert Banner Code" option and paste a needed code to the appeared text area:

You can change the Group this particular Banner belongs to. For that you need to select another group from the “Banner Group” drop-down list.

After you made all the changes you needed – press on the Update button at the bottom of the form. You will be redirected back to the Edit Banner Group page.

Deleting a Banner

If you need to delete a banner from the Group you just need to press the “Delete” button opposite this banner in the “Banners” table.

Adding a New Banner to a Group

You can add a new Banner to the Banners Group if needed. For that you need to click on the “Add New Banner” button, like shown on the picture below:

Add Banner page will be opened:

First of all select whether you will upload a banner file or banner code.

You need to fill in the fields of this form with the needed data then:

Banner Title – enter the desired Title for the new banner. . It will be used as a screen tip on the front-end when mouse cursor is over this banner;

Banner Link – enter or paste the URL where users will be redirected when click on this banner. Make sure to use ‘http://’;

Banner File – press the “Browse” button to indicate the file to be uploaded for the new banner. You can choose image file or flash banner file;

Banner Width - set the width for the new banner;

Banner Height - set the height for the new banner;

Active – check this box if you want to activate the new banner to be displayed on the front-end. Leave this box unchecked if you don’t want it to appear on the front-end at the moment;

Banner Group – here you can select from the drop-down list the Group the new banner will belong to. By default the current Group is selected;

Open Banner In - select the way this particaular banner should be opened when users click on it (In the current window/tab or in the new window/tab).

To finish creating the new banner – press the “Add” button at the bottom of the form.

You will be redirected back to the Edit Banners Group page and the newly created banner will appear in the Banners table.

Add flash banner

If you're adding a flash banner, then after you indicated the banner file (using "Browse" button) on the Add a New Banner form there will be additional instructions displayed:

To make the flash banner redirect users properly, for ActionScript 1-2 use getURL function as a link address in banner. To do this use the following code without modifications:

on (release) {

getURL(_root.sjb_banner_link, _root.sjb_banner_window);


for ActionScript 3 use

this.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, sjb_banner_click);

function sjb_banner_click(evt:MouseEvent):void {

navigateToURL(new URLRequest(this.root.loaderInfo.parameters.sjb_banner_link),





If this code is not added to the flash banner action script then the Impressions, Clicks and Clickthrough rate will not be counted by the system.

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