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Using the “Ban IP” function you can forbid the access to your site from specific undesirable IP addresses. E.g. you can ban the IP form which a user posted spam on the site, etc.
If a user tries to access the site from the banned IP there will be the following message displayed for him:

To get to Banned IPs page you need to go to Admin Panel > Users > Banned IPs.
On the opened page you will see the list with IPs which are currently banned:

To unban a certain IP address you need to press the “Unban” button located opposite this particular IP. The IP will be immediately unbanned and a user will be able to access the site from that IP again.


Clicking on the underlined “IP” column title you can sort the IP list in ascending or descending order.


To add a new IP to the banned IPs list you need to use the “Ban IP” form on the top of the page:

You just need to enter / paste the IP you want to be banned to the edit box in this form and then press the “Ban” button. The IP will be immediately banned and a user will not be able to access the site from this particular IP address.

You can ban only one IP at once using the “Ban IP” form.

You can use the ‘’ (asterisk sing) to replace one or several digits of the IP, e.g. 192.168..*

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