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Using the "Backup/ Restore" function you can make backup(s) of your system manually and automatically any time it is needed and restore the data from backup.


From the "Backup" tab you can easily make backup of you system either manually or automatically.

Generate Backup Manually:

1) First you need to select the type of the Backup to be generated:

2) And then press the "Generate Backup" button.

3) The system will immediatelly start generating the Backup and you will see the following:


4) After a while there will be the dialog box opened asking you to 'Open' or 'Save' the file.

You need to select "Save File" option and specify the folder on your computer to save backup file to:


Then press the "OK" button to complete saving file. Now Backup is generate and saved!


The generated Backup file will be save as archive having .tar.gz extension


Generate backup automatically:

In case you need backups to be generated automatically on regular basis check Enable Autobackup setting and press 'Save'.

You will see the following form opened:

Backup Type: Select the type of backup you need. You can choose whether the system will backup full site, only database or only files.

Backup frequency: Select whether the system will create backups on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Backup will be expired and deleted after _ days: Indicate the number of days after which created backups will be deleted from the system. This setting is here to prevent system overloading with useless old backup files.

Save backup to FTP: Check this setting in case you need files to be save to FTP as well. Once this setting is activated you will see the following form opened:


Indicate in the above form your FTP credentials and the path where you need backup to be saved.

If you set up everything correctly the backups will be saved to your FTP.

No matter whether you save your backups to FTP or not created backups will be available in 'Created Backups' tab.


"Restore" tab is to restore the backup(s) you made:

Use "Choose..." button to indicate the file containing needed Backup.

Then press the "Restore Now" button. The system will immediatelly start restoring data from the backup file.

Created Backups

Within "Created Backups" tab you can review the list of backup files that were created displayed in tabular format:

In this table in particular you can see:

Backup file name: You can click on the backup file to download it.

You can also check the date backup was created and backup type.

In case you do not need any created backup you can delete it from the system manually by clicking 'Delete' button opposite a particular backup.



Backups deleted from the "Created Backups" table will not be automatically deleted form your computer. To remove needless backup files from your computer you need to manually delete them.

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