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Authorize.Net SIM (Simple Integration Method) payment gateway has the following parameters:

ID – Payment gateway ID, it is the system parameter;

Caption – the name of the payment gateway that will be visible for users.

Active - status of the Payment Gateway;

API Login ID - Authorize.NET API Login ID. It is issued upon the registration with Authorize.NET.

Transaction Key - Authorize.NET API Transaction Key. API Login ID and Transaction Key are unique pieces of information specifically associated with your payment gateway account;

MD5-Hash - Authorize.NET MD5 Hash Value. If you would like your transaction responses to be encrypted by the Payment Gateway, enter a MD5 Hash Value.

Currency Code – enter here the currency code used by Authorize.NET (USD, EUR, GBP etc.).

Use Authorize.Net test account – set ‘yes’ to activate the Auth.NET test account. Authorize.Net test account is used to see how Authorize.Net SIM works. To use your test account, activate this feature.

Also on the "Configure Authorize.Net SIM" page you can find the instruction for making setting necessary for recurring billing work.

How to Set Receipt Page Parameters

To have Authorize.Net SIM inform your system about status of payments (whether transactions have been completed successfully or not) and return to your website from the payment page, configure the settings below.

Log in into your Authorize.NET account and go to:

Settings -> Receipt Page -> Receipt Method

Then type in the following data in the corresponding fields:

Default Receipt Link URL:

Receipt Method:

Receipt Link Text:
text that will be displayed inside a button that will return a buyer to your website (e.g. ‘Return to Merchant's site’)


 For more information about this payment gateway go to

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