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Admin Sub-Accounts feature allows you creating as many Admin sub-accounts as needed and set specific permissions for each of them depending on a task they have.

Creating a New Sub-Account

To create a new Admin sub-account go to your Admin Panel  > System Configuration  > Admin Sub Accounts.
On the opened page you will see the "Create a New Admin Sub-Account" link:

Click on this link. You will see the "Create a New Admin Sub-Account" page opened.
On the top of that page there will be the "Admin Sub-Account Info" form:

Here you need to enter the Username and Password of a sub-account which he will use to log in to Admin Panel.
Also you need to specify a sub-account email. This email address will be used to send notification to sub-account.

Under that form you can see the "Admin Sub-Account Permissions and Settings" section where you need to set permissions for this sub-account. The section is divided into following blocks:

Click on a block Title to open/hide block items. For example "Listings" block has the following items:

So you just need to enable the permission for the actions that should be allowed (checking boxes); and leave boxes unchecked for those actions that will be prohibited.

For example you want your sub-admint to only Manage Listings (view, approve, activate/deactivate, edit, etc) and also Manage Flagged Listings (view flagged listings, take following actions with it).
Then you should set the following permissions for this sub account:

As you see options like: 'Get Notifications on Listing Added, Listing Expiration, Listing Flagged' were also enabled, since they are related with the Managing Listings and Managing Flagged Listings tasks.

After setting the needed permissions for a sub-account press the "Save" button at the bottom to complete creating a sub-account.
You will be redirected back to the Admin Sub-Accounts page where the newly created sub-account will appear in the table.

Use the "Edit" button to change details or permissions of a sub-account.

If there are any needless sub-accounts you can delete them using the "Delete" button.

Logging in as a Sub-Admin

Now let's see the way it will work for a sub-admin. We'll review the above example when a sub-admin is only allowed to Manage Listings, Manage Flagged Listings and get the related notifications.
Once this sub-admin logged into the Admin Panel he will only see those menus that contains allowed actions for him according to the permissions main Admin set.

In our example it is 'Manage Listings' and 'Manage Flagged Listings'.

In the "Sub-Admin Profile" section he can change en email and password or his account:

Sub-admin can view the actions he's allowed to do according to permissions set by the main Admin:

Also he can see what kind of notification will be sent to his email.

Sub-admin can disable any of his notifications if wanted. For that he simply need to uncheck a check box infront of this notification.

The changes will be automatically saved and sub-admin will not get this kind of notifications, unless he enables it again.


Sub-admins are able to see the all Dashboard blocks, but they are allowed to access only those pages of an Admin Panel that were allowed for them by the main Administrator.

If a sub-admin tries to open a page he's not allowed to, there will be the following screen displayed:

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