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Admin UserName and Password are used to log in to the Admin Panel. On the “Admin Password” page you can change administrator's username and password.

To get to this page you need to go to Admin Panel > System Configuration > Admin Password. There you will see the following form displayed:

Old Name – here you can see the current username of the administrator;

New Name – enter the new username if you want to change the current one;

Old Password – enter the old password for the administration panel;

New Password – enter the new password for the administration panel if you want to change the password;

Confirm Password – enter the new password again for confirmation.

To save the changes you made you need to press the 'Change' button at the bottom of the form.


For security of your site and registered users we recommend you to not use simple words (your name, date of birth, etc) as a username or password for your Administrator’s account.

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