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After you clicked on the 2Checkout payment gateway title you will see the "Configure 2checkout" page opened:

ID – Payment gateway ID, it is the system parameter;

Caption – the name of the payment gateway that will be visible for users.

Active – if this box is checked - the status of the payment gateway will be ’Active’ and it will be available for users. If you don’t want the payment gateway to be available for users you need to uncheck this box;

2checkout vendor ID – enter to this field the 2Checkout Vendor ID obtained during registration on;

2Checkout secret word – enter to this field the 2Checkout secret word obtained from 2Checkout account setting;

2Checkout API user login - you need to register an API user in 2checkout and enter the username to this field;

2Checkout API user password - you need to register an API user in 2checkout and enter the password of this user to this field;

Demo mode – check this box to enable the 2Checkout test account;

Also if there are any 'recurring' Membership Plans in the system, these plans will be added to the 2checkout settings form. You will need to enter ID of a recurring product that you need to create in 2checkout.


On the Configure 2checkout page in the Admin Panel you can find the detailed instructions for setting up a recurring billing in 2checkout.

After you set the needed configurations - press the “Save” button to submit the changes.

To have the 2checkout informing your system about status of payments (whether transactions have been completed successfully or not) and return to your website from the payment page you need to configure the following settings:

Log in into your 2Checkout account and go to:

Look & Feel > Settings > Approved URL

Then set the following data there:


For more information about this payment gateway go to



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